Our finances are very important part of our lives. This page provide advice from my journey to enhance the financial health of our lives.

Over the years, we have done financial counseling others, esp. younger people in our church. Most needed help for a problem that we as well struggled with for years: not on making a budget, but keeping it, esp. tracking how you are doing. Every system we tried to put in place broke down, and usually sooner rather than later. We finally went to the envelope system for controlling many discretionary spending. categories. Over the decades since, we systems have expanded, but the underlying principles have not. Here is our system

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  • The Bible has much to say on this important area of our lives. For our married lives, Cathy and I have sought to understand and apply the Scripture’s truth on handling our finances. During the fall 2010, I taught a class at our church using Your Money Map, from Crown Financial Ministries. The book provides an overview  of the Scripture’s teaching on money and organizes us to apply it through 7 destinations (see below). For more on the Money Map.
  • During the spring 2011), I read Burton Malkiel’s:  The Random Walk Guide on Investing. See my summary of his book.