Eating out

Recommendation – nutrition information, good choices

My job causes me to travel, some times quite a bit and at other times not very much. I have found that we I travel, I struggle much more to keep from gaining weight.

The odd things is that when I get out I gain weight and after a day or two of being home, much of it comes off.

Why? Sodium (salt)… Follow my reasoning below.

Here are some links to nutritional information from some of the restaurants I frequent, along with some observations and recommendations:

  • Applebee’s – Cathy and I have started to go their regularly as we enjoy their Weight Watchers meals, which really are both low calorie and satisfying.  We also like the shooters, which are small and relatively inexpensive desserts. We no longer want to spend $5 or $6 on some 1000 calorie …  While the offer these good choices, watch out, most of their menu is filled with calories, salt and fat.
  • Panda Express – I love PE, esp. when going through the Denver airport. I usually get the Kon Pao Chicken and Beef and Broccoli on … ..   The choices are not too bad, esp. they are very high in sodium. How high? 2700 mg. the best way to cut down, order white rice instead of ..
  • Penera Bread – many good choices here. We esp. like the pick 2
  • Subway –
  • Wendy’s (and Arbys) –