picture - working outIn our journey to improved health, exercise is a cornerstone. Our key advise here is to get started, start small, build, and vary it. Below are things that have or are working for us.

While we both formally used a health club, we are now exercising out of the home (we live out-of-town and thus clubs are not as convenient; and it saves us time and money). First thing in the morning is about the only time that works consistently for me.

I always thought aerobics was the more important than strengthening. But all my reading and experience says this is wrong. Both have their place in our routines and lead to better fitness, brain and body functioning, and mood.

What I (David) have used/use for strengthening (Cathy’s are below)

  • During 2010:
    • The Firm – Slim with the Gym by Annie Lee. I started with this as it has four 10-minutes segments. I did two on the first morning and two the next, and then did some aerobic exercise on the third day.  So all you need to get started is 20 minutes a day.
    • 15-Minute Workouts For Dummies by Gay Gasper. This was my second tape. It has four 15-minute workout. Again, I did two daily, 30 minutes a day. While I have moved on to, Cathy uses this tape regularly. It is a good starting point.
  • For 2011, I have stepped to my “man” workouts from Men’s Health.
    • The Belly Off Workout: The Strength Training Routine
    • The Belly Off Workout: The Body Weight Routine
    • These take about 50 minutes if you do not mess around. I do strengthening twice a week. I enjoy and am challenged by these routines built specifically for men, so I now make the time.They have great stretches at the end. Recommended.
  • For 2012, I am using the Supreme90Day workouts. Cathy got it for me at the grocery store for $10. You can get it on Amazon for under $20. See my Sept 2012 post on the workout.

David’s aerobic routines

  • Jogging in the neighborhood with the dogs is what I do most of the year. I have gradually built up over the year to 4 miles. I aim for 3 times a week; sometimes I only get in twice.
  • Last winter we got an elliptical machine which I use when the weather was bad.
  • Before then, I used “The Biggest Lower Power Walk” for a while. It was ok for a time. It has 4 levels of routines.

Cathy’s strengthening routines

  • Here current staples include:
    • 15-Minute Workouts For Dummies (see above)
    • Body Fusion by Ellen Barrett – with “pilates and dance flow”
    • The Firm Complete Aerobics and Weight Training (Body Sculpting System 2) with Emily Welsh
  • She has also used:
    • The Firm Body Sculpt (Jennifer Carma) and others

Cathy’s aerobic routines

  • She current uses the Elliptical machine as her main aerobic routine.
  • In the past she has used:
    • 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk by Leslie Sansone. You can go anywhere from 1 to 5 miles depending on how much time you have.
    • Walk Away the Pounds Express 3-mile Advanced Walk with Leslie Sansone.

I go to the library once in a while to check out new ones to try. Let me know of any of your favorites.