Here is where I list book and movie reviews,”projects” that I am investigating and writing on, recommendations that don’t fit elsewhere, and more. On the subject or reading, I encourage you to read my post “Learn, grow, and save via a weekly trip to the library” on my discovery of the value of a weekly trip to the local library.



  • Temple Grandin, A delightful and very well done movie about an gifted yet autistic girl and her mom and their work to help her find a meaningful place in society, which she does.

Android applications (cell phone)

  • RunKeeper – If you are a jogger, this application will use the gps in your phone to track your route, time, pace and it keeps them available for you to review.
  • Yata – This is a simple yet very customizable countdown timer. I use it to repeat 20 second countdowns for my stretches.


  • Doing some research on the U.S. National Debt.