COVID19 – A Search For Answers

Preface:  This page is an index of my honest searching for understanding of the COVID19 epidemic and how I should respond, both from a personal well-being perspective and as a citizen of our community. I will be adding items regularly.

I believe we need to do more to protect the vulnerable. But in light of what we are learning, I also believe we need to take a fresh look at our strategies to protect the vulnerable as we cannot sustain what we have doing this spring.

I have been looking at the KS numbers (and some US numbers) since mid-March. Linked is my review of Kansas’ numbers though May 25, 2020 including: a) the age distributions of positive tests, hospitalizations, and deaths and b) how Kansas is doing vs. key metrics. Kansas numbers are improving: new cases are declining (even with more testing), the rate of positive tests is declining, as are hospitalization and death rates.

More to come soon on the questions I am researching now.