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Life is chaos but at least we are healthy

Wow,  I knew I had been remiss in writing on my blog but I did not it was this bad.

First, the reason for tonight’s post: to put in a link to a posting on Cathy and my blog (dcbarfield.org) related to a cookbook we just found and would recommend: Eating Well for Two (a great cookbook for empty nesters like us). See http://dcbarfield.org/2011/11/02/a-good-cookbook-for-empty-nesters/

Speaking of being empty nesters, I thought I had done a blog update on the June 18, 2011 marriage of our youngest daughter Megan to Brandon Hash. Wrong. Expect it in the near future.

But maybe not before November 18, the date my expert report is due in Kansas’ U.S. Supreme Court against Nebraska.

The year has been a remarkable full one both personally and professionally. Obviously the marriage of our youngest daughter (after doing the other two in less than a year before) was the big personal event. Work is always busy as Kansas Chief Engineer of the Division of Water Resources but add a major drought, a new governor’s major initiative on our Ogallala Aquifer over-development , a  U.S. Supreme Court lawsuit and more, and you have one busy man.

I will get back to finishing my series on investing. But again, not until I have a bit of recovery time after November 18.

Finally, in addition to eating well, the exercise program is going well, alternating between running and two Men’s Health exercise videos) More on this later as well.

Back to work on my expert report.