Initial goals accomplished, heading to second base

On February 17, 2010, I started this second section of my blog, announcing my health goals for the period between then and my June 28th birthday, when I turn 55 (and just before my daughters July 2nd wedding):

  • Get to a good weight for me in a enduring, healthful way
  • Improve my all-around physical condition (including endurance/cardio-vascular health, strength, flexibility, and balance)
  • More specifically, to drop from a body mass index of 25 to a more healthy 22
  • While I did not announce it at the time (as I wanted to see how I would progress first), I also was hoping I could run a 5k (5 kilometer or 3 miles) run as well

I am pleased to say that this past week I both ran 5 kilometers (on my own, not in an organized race) and got to this weight goal of a BMI of 22. I have done it the old fashion way: persistence in regular exercise, eating better, and eating less. I highly recommend this approach. It takes time, patience and perseverance, but I hope and pray that it will be lead to lasting results, not temporary ones.

I encourage you as well to find a way/time to exercise regularly and learn to eat more slowly and less (and better). For me, it has meant an early morning routine; it was the only time I could be consistent. I am thankful to Cathy for her planning and preparing healthy meals.

I had hoped to write more here on what I have been reading, which has helped me to learn and persevere. But since spring break, this has not happened. While my/our lives our always full, this period has been more challenging than normal: work as been very full, three daughters engaged, seeking to fulfill long overdue commitments to get some things done around at house, etc, etc, etc.  So this blog has had to take a back seat to these other higher priorities. But I am hopeful, in the coming weeks, life will move from chaos back to busy.

My journey to improved health is not over. To use a baseball analogy, I feel like I am rounding first base, on my way to second base. Here are my second base goals:

  • Keep the weight off for 6 months (my third base goals will extend this further).
  • Drop 5-7 more pounds (while I feel much better, I am not quite satisfied)
  • Continue to build strength, adding a bit more variety in my workouts
  • Continue work on cardio-vascular endurance (and actually run in a 5k race)
  • Put more of what I have read/am reading and learned/am learning on this blog.

Thanks for sharing in my journey.


2 thoughts on “Initial goals accomplished, heading to second base”

  1. Great articles and information! Maintaining is a whole new challenge and a bit of a balancing act. Now understanding intake to output is very important. When losing you can not watch this as close because you are going in one direction for the most part. Maintaining is an easy place to keep your losing habits and do just that, keep losing. Just a little advice from someone who will be at 3 years of maintaining this November 2010.

    Also loved your article on the library! I work there and love it as well. Actually our Digital Services Manager sent us that blog posting about the library and I continued to read your other postings. Ever want a tour of the whole library ask for me at the checkout desk or just ask anyone they would love to give you a tour and see what you think.

  2. Thanks Greg. Congratulations on your keeping your weight off. I trust I will be able to say the same thing in 3 years. I will look you up on one of my next trips to the library.

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