Progress continues on the Journey, though unreported (week 12)

The race out the door

Yes, it is true: I have not posted here in six weeks. So don’t go looking for postings for weeks 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11; they are not there.

But I have NOT fallen off the truck of my journey toward improved health. There have been no postings as life has been very full, at both work and home. See, for example, my last posting on three daughters getting engaged over the last three months.

Even so, I have been exercising consistently, eating well, and thus making slow but steady progress on my healthy journey. I continue reading as well.

Exercise – I continue:

  • My daily walks with the dogs (have I mentioned I am walking three dogs now: our Bingley; Megan adopted an abandoned dog she calls Bear; and we are watching Cathy’s sisters dog, Dolly, for 5 months),
  • 4 days a week of strengthening exercises,
  • 2 days a week of a longer walk/jog.

About a month ago I starting to jog again. I have been toying with the idea of running a 5 kilometer run before Amy’s wedding. So I am picking up the training pace. The next two weeks will show if I will be ready. Stay tuned.

Heading out for a walk with the dogs

Eating well – In my last posting I mentioned the Eating Well Diet (and book by that title) and the Eating Well Magazine. Over recent weeks, Cathy and I have tried out three of the recipes and enjoyed all three. Each of them are delicious, nutritious, take about 30 minutes to prepare, are low calorie, and relatively satisfying. And the recipes are available on their web site for free. What more could you want? I esp. liked the Chicken Tortilla Soup. Go immediately to our blog for links to these (and previously posted recipes).

We just received our first issue of Eating Well Magazine and will be trying more recipes over the coming weeks and will send more recommendations.  We have also discovered another great source of recipes and nutritional advice: Cooking Light Magazine (and their web site).

Weight – I recently dropped through one of my interim weight goals: to reach my weight when I took the job of chief engineer (as I gained about 15 pounds after that). So I am the lightest I have been since at least the early 1990’s. My BMI stands at 22.6. I am about 5 pounds from the initial weight goal I set.  I feel and look better (but I have not decided yet whether I will stop at this goal and work to drop a few more pounds).

Learning/Reading – While the pace has slowed, I continue to read on the topic and, as significantly, to synthesize what I am reading. I will report more on this in coming weeks as part of my catch-up.

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